From start to finish in 6 steps

1. Download the WPML plugin from the website and install it on your Wordpress website.
2. Fill the online WPML API token request form.
3. You will receive the WPML API token to your email address to link your Wordpress website and our translation agency.
4. You then submit the texts to be translated via the WPML plugin.
5. After we have received the texts, we will prepare a quote for the translation. Once the quote is confirmed, we will assign your account manager and launch the translation process.
6. Once the texts have been translated, they will be re-imported to your website via WPML plugin


At Leemeta, we strive for long-term partnerships. Our in-house team takes care of the entire translation process: from inquiry to project delivery. Together with our WPML team, we also provide complete technical support when importing the translation back to your website.

We assign you your own dedicated account manager and project manager who
assist you throughout this and any future projects.
We never run out of solutions and we will meet your expectations for each and every project.

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native speakers
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What is the WPML plugin?

A WPML plugin is a popular plugin for Wordpress CMS used for multilingual support on your website.


Where can I get the WPML plugin?

You can download the WPML plugin from


Where can I get the WPML API token to link your translation agency with the WPML plugin?

To obtain the WPML token, fill and submit the above form. Upon receiving your request, we will generate the WPML token and e-mail it to you.


How can I submit the website texts via the WPML plugin?

The instructions for submitting the texts via the WPML plugin are available at:


There was an error when submitting the texts (This service does not support the following language pairs)

If this error occurs, you will need to refresh the language pairs our translation team provides.

This is how to do it:

Log in into your Wordpress website.

  1. In the WPML plugin, select:
    --   Translation Management
    --   Translation Services

Click “Refresh language pairs” button.



By clicking it, all language pairs will be refreshed. To re-submit text, empty the “translation basket” and submit the text for translation once again.

If you cannot find the Refresh language pairs button in the WPML plugin, please update your WPML plugin.