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Translation of SEO glossaries
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Websites targeting foreign markets must
not only be translated correctly,
they must also be optimised
in such a way that users find you
among your competition.




SEO is defined as the optimisation of texts for search engines. By optimizing the texts, we make sure your customers find you when they search for your products/services. If your customers cannot find your website, it loses its key purpose.

At Leemeta, we strive to build long-term partnerships. Our in-house team takes care of the entire translation process: from your inquiry right up to the completion of the project. With the help of our team specializing in website solutions, we also provide complete technical support when importing your translation back to your website.

We issue you your own administrator and project manager who will support you during this project and every subsequent one. We never run out of solutions and we will meet your expectations with every single project.


Well translated metadata, which is
hidden in the source code of your
website, is part of the SEO strategy and
it can ensure better positioning of your
website in search results.


4 main advantages

of an SEO translation


More visits to your website


Better user experience


Better chances to improve sales results


Increased brand awareness

We use numerous tools to analyse your keywords and give recommendations regarding the optimisation of your SEO translation, namely:



At Leemeta, SEO translations are entrusted only to translators that have undergone special marketing and SEO training.


Translation agencies offering SEO translations promise translations that are also optimised for search engines. Is that really so? Translators are not good SEO specialists and SEO specialists are not good translators. At Leemeta, we combined the best of both worlds: our translators completed the specialisation for website optimisation and they use translation and SEO tools for their work. Our translators look at the keywords your competitors use on the target market and then they analyse all potential keywords with specialised SEO-tools so the chosen keywords match the keywords users enter into the search engine when searching for your products or services.

As an example of good practice, we can simply highlight Leemeta’s own website. If you have ever used Google to search for translation or language/grammar advice, you have probably already noticed that our website is ranked very high among the search results. We can list a number of keywords for which Leemeta ranks among the first three search results and thus we reach the largest number of users.

In our work, we use specialised translation tools and technology so we can guarantee the highest quality of our services and also speed up the entire process. During the translation process, we build a translation memory which additionally contributes to the quality of our translations (consistency of style and terminology, less chance for mistakes) and lessens the translation costs.

Frequently asked


What is SEO and why is it so important?

SEO is the optimisation of a website for search engines. By optimizing the texts, we make sure your customers find you when they search for your products/services. If your customers cannot find your website, it loses its key purpose.

What is the aim of a good SEO translation?

An SEO translation must be made with Google search algorithms in mind, but it must also be readable, user friendly and it must fulfil its marketing purpose.

Can an SEO translation guarantee my website ranks 1st on Google?

During an SEO translation, we find the keywords for your particular product or services and then use those keywords in the translation and in the metadata, if you give us access to it. We therefore optimise the texts and this serves as a basis for more advanced SEO, which is then performed by companies specialising in technical SEO. If you are interested in the complete service, we can connect you with our partner, who will take care of all your website needs.

What does an SEO translation entail?

During the website optimisation process, which ensures your translated website ranks better in search engines, we also advise you and we optimise the source code and the content of your website in the chosen language. In doing so, we use our specialised language skills and the knowledge about the functioning and ranking of websites. We analyse the keywords based on the chosen target country and we compare the results with your competitors on the chosen market.

During the “on-site” optimisation, which is the optimisation of elements on your website, we help companies optimise the source code and thus we enable your translated website to rank better for the chosen keywords in search engines. The suggested keywords are therefore chosen based on the keywords users on the foreign markets enter into the search engine when searching for your products or services. After we complete the SEO translation, we also compile a detailed report on the implemented changes and give recommendations to further improve your translated website’s ranking on the target market.

What else do I get to improve my website ranking?

After the translation process, we compile a detailed report in which we include recommendations for further optimisation of your website – from alternative keywords to more advanced technical elements on your website. You can use this report to make changes yourself or it can serve as a basis for the advanced optimisation, which is performed by your website administrator.

What else is necessary for a good SEO translation?

Before we start an SEO translation, we need to know everything about your wishes and requirements. To deliver the best results, we will need you to answer a few questions before we start working on the project:

  • Is the content on your website optimised?
  • Do you have a keyword glossary in the source language?
  • Were those keywords used in the texts in the source language?
  • Do you have a keyword glossary in the target language?
  • For which market do your wish to optimise the website (USA, Great Britain, Australia ...)?
  • What is your main product or service you wish to highlight on your website?
  • What do you want to achieve with the optimisation (increase sales, raise awareness, inform ...)?
  • Do you wish to optimise the entire website (advanced) or just the main pages, such as your Homepage, About us page ... (basic)?
  • Who is your target audience/target user (B2B, B2C, teenagers, older people, mothers, athletes ...)?
  • Do you wish to retain the style used in the source text in the translated text?

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