The leading Slovenian and global companies entrust their translations to Leemeta.


Our client’s feedback

Our client’s feedback

“We are very familiar with the work of your agency and my colleagues are often full of praise about it!”

“We always receive our translations within the set deadline. We propose the conclusion of a business cooperation contract.”

“We have been cooperating with LEEMETA Translations for more than three years. Our cooperation has been very good and they are highly responsive. All the best for them.”

“We are very satisfied with the services of the LEEMETA translation agency. What convinced us most was the quick responsiveness and quality of their services.”

“The translations by LEEMETA Translations are executed quickly and are of a high quality regardless of the level of expertise of the text. We can certainly rely on them and do not even have to think about the translation during our work.”

“We are satisfied with the services offered by LEEMETA Translations. You can always rely on them to be up-to-date and professional, as well as offering correct translations.”

“What we value most in LEEMETA Translations is their rapid response to inquiries and quick implementation. We also have no complaints regarding your professionalism, helpfulness and prices. We cannot fault them.”

“LEEMETA Translations will always respond to your queries on the very same day. They always fulfil our needs in providing urgent translations, where the quality of services is at the highest level of professionalism . So far, we haven’t had a project to which LEEMETA Translations hasn’t found a solution.”

“We are very happy with their responsiveness and versatility because they even provide translations from one foreign language to another. That is why I will gladly recommend them. Also the entire correspondence has been correct and professional. I will gladly continue to cooperate with them.”

“With them, we get the feeling that we have a colleague on the other side.”


“We began working with LEEMETA Translations three years ago, when they offered us translations of various publications completely free of charge.
We want to continue with our cooperation since LEEMETA supports UNICEF Slovenia with their translations.”

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