The leading Slovenian and global companies entrust their translations to Leemeta.


Our client’s feedback

Our client’s feedback

“So far, we have been very satisfied with all the translations and also the response times have always been very short. When we needed a turnaround of a project within a day, we got it. We will continue to cooperate with LEEMETA Translations.”

“We are pleased with the translation services of LEEMETA Translations. They are quick, professional and provide a high quality. We would like them to stay just the way they are.”

“We are completely satisfied with the services provided by LEEMETA Translations since they never fail to fulfil our expectations (responsiveness, adaptability...).”

“We want to express our praise for the wide range of language combinations, expertise, professional approach, and responsiveness.”

“A quick response that we want and expect from our external partners.”

“Professional and friendly!”

“We began working with LEEMETA Translations three years ago, when they offered us translations of various publications completely free of charge.
We want to continue with our cooperation since LEEMETA supports UNICEF Slovenia with their translations.”


“We have been cooperating with LEEMETA Translations for more than three years. Our cooperation has been very good and they are highly responsive. All the best for them.”

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