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For companies / 15 June 2022

What are turnkey translations?

Turnkey Translations® have been a brand of Leemeta for quite some time now, and we upgrade and improve them with each new experience and translation solution.

Based on our 16 years of experience, we provide our clients and long-term partners with Turnkey Translations®. Our job is to ensure the client has no additional work with the translation they receive.


How do we achieve this goal?

Our internal team treats each client individually. In practice, this means that each client is assigned an account manager and a project manager who make sure that the wishes the client expresses upon the confirmation of the project are realised and that the project is submitted until the agreed deadline. This is what we guarantee with our 100% guarantee.

Regardless of the type of the document, the CMS system or the professional field, the project manager checks the implementation options and, if necessary, includes a graphic designer and/or IT expert in the project to find the best implementation options together with the client.


Experience has taught us that it is best to tackle the project
with a free test translation.
This enables us to determine the specifics of the project and
the client can make sure the quality of our work is high.


Our objectives include a long-term partnership, so we strive for close cooperation with every client, which is particularly important at the beginning of our relationship. We want to learn about the wishes, requirements and needs of the client, so that in the long-term, we can ensure higher and higher quality, as well as lower prices with each translated word.

All the translations by a client are stored in a database and in case of specific terminology requirements, we prepare a glossary of the terms, which further ensures consistency between translations.


Last year, we were awarded
the quality management system certificate according to ISO 9001:2015
for translation and interpretation services,
as well as the ISO 17100 certificate,
in accordance with which we have been providing Turnkey Translations® for a long time already.


We believe in the quality of our service, so we offer a 100% guarantee, as well as linguistic support, which makes our cooperation even stronger.


How to become our partner?

In our office, the motto is “only challenges, no obstacles”, which is why we are happy to embark on every project.

With the development of our own IT and graphic department, we have also expanded our range of programs (from InDesign and Quark to AutoCAD and Wordpress, Drupal and others) to prepare us for every project.


Contact us at [email protected] or +386 3 490 9310
to check out how our Turnkey Translations® will make your work easier.




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