Software localisation

We will translate your text, proofread it and ensure its quality.

The quote preparation is complimentary and non-binding.

Translations of short documents or extensive technical documentation. Our extensive translator database enables us to provide quick and quality translations into practically any language combination.
General texts
Translations of all types of documents, audit and financial reports, correspondence, brochures.
Technical documentation
We are proficient in the fields of technology, pharmaceutics and medicine. Translations are performed in cooperation with experts.
Our experienced translators ensure that the auditor’s ideas are not lost in translation.
Promotional materials
Brochures, advertisements, websites. We translate and adapt promotional materials to the target audience.
Legal texts
Translations are performed by translators experienced in translating official documents.
Certified translations
Our certified translators have years of experience in translating challenging projects such as certified financial reports.
Would you like your website to be translated into multiple languages? Our translation agency only employs native speakers of the target language, who make sure your website does not lose its meaning and appeal in translation.
We have already translated the websites of numerous companies.
The possibilities for expansion of companies on the joint European market have increased significantly, therefore more and more companies opt to have their websites translated. We are proud to say that many successful domestic and foreign companies have entrusted us with the translation of their websites.
Free consultancy with regard to online appearance abroad.
Expert assistance during your expansion of online appearance to foreign markets as well as assistance with the optimization of your website abroad as well as with the design of your advertising campaigns.
We translate software and adapt it to the target market. Translators specialized in various fields are an assurance of quality.
The translation is adapted to the cultural and legal norms.
We translate all software documentation.
An expert ensures the correctness of the translation.
Proofreading is included in the translation price.
Our designers ensure the appropriate design of the translated documents. Let Leemeta take care of the preparation for printing or desktop publishing (DTP).
You can send the translation straight to the printer.
The arrangement of all graphical elements in the translation.
Additional layout design of the translated texts.
The translated text keeps its original design.
Leemeta also performs test translation evaluation. Are you planning to take on a new translator or employee? Do you want to verify the quality of a translation?
Translation quality
Grammatical correctness
Adequacy of style
Accuracy of the translation
Also this year, we have prepared a package offer for companies wishing to have their annual reports translated: we will add an extra 10% to your usual discount.

The discount applies to all translations of annual reports and financial statements. The additional discount will be added to the discount we are already providing you. The professional translation and proofreading package includes:
An additional 10% discount for all customers
100% guarantee on a timely delivery of your translation
The translation shall be delivered by the agreed deadline, otherwise we will not charge for it.
The price includes a review by an expert in the financial field.
Should you wish to, we can also send you the CV and references of the selected expert.
Graphic design as per the original document
The translation needs no further graphic design since it is ready for printing or distribution.
Free localisation of numbers in a report
Free glossary
Translations of language combinations
English translations in combination with 82 global languages. Leemeta Translations with its extensive translator base will take care of your translations into or from English. We guarantee the highest-quality translations since all our translators are native speakers of the target language.
Translations into or from German can be provided for shorter texts as well as more extensive projects. Our advanced project management system allows us to translate even longer texts of our clients in a very short time. Leemeta Translations is a favourite choice of business clients due to the high quality of our translations. A translation into or from German is always translated by a native speaker of the target language with a degree. Every translation into or from German entrusted to us will be proofread free of charge.
Translations into or from Italian into numerous European and non-European languages. A translation into or from Italian is always translated by a native speaker of the target language. At Leemeta Translations, we will take care of the translations of simple texts and also complex technical documentation as well as legal texts into or from Italian. If necessary, we will also provide a legal certification of the translations since we are among the top providers of certified translations and interpretation. If you would like your company to penetrate into the Italian market, we will be glad to provide you with the translations of your website into Italian. We can directly translate HTML files at the same time preserving the entire software code thus enabling you to quickly publish the translated content.
We provide translations into and from French. French translators are experts in various fields therefore Leemeta Translations can take care of the translations of even the most challenging texts. Legal certification and translations of French documentation in a very short time. By utilizing an advanced project management system, extensive projects can be completed faster than by most other translation agencies. We provide special benefits to companies and other regular customers. Translators from French are native French speakers with years of experience in translation, thus providing a guarantee for a high-quality service.
We provide translations into and from Spanish. A wide array of translators lets us translate texts into Spanish from altogether 82 languages. The translators are native speakers of Spanish with adequate education and experience with even the most demanding projects. Beside the translation, we will also take care of the appropriate graphic design of the text so it will be identical to the original. We also provide software and website localisation in cooperation with experts from the relevant fields.

“We have been cooperating with LEEMETA Translations for more than three years. Our cooperation has been very good and they are highly responsive. All the best for them.”

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