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Translations, translators and languages

How do you prepare a translation?

At LEEMETA, every translation goes through various stages, usually in the following order:

 – accepting the materials,
 – preparing and analysing the documents,
 – preparing a quote,
 – confirmation of the project by the client,
 – translation,
 – proofreading (with more demanding projects, in cooperation with an expert in the appropriate field),
 – design,
 – quality assurance check (QA),
 – delivering the project to the client.

This comprehensive procedure allows us to provide the highest quality translations and minimize any potential errors.


Which languages do you translate into?

Currently, we translate into 83 languages, including all the major European and Asian languages. For a detailed language list, see the order form on our website.


How quickly can we receive the translation?

We are distinguished as a very “fast” translation agency with a very short response time. We always commit all our efforts to satisfying the client, which is why, when pressed for time, we have been able to meet record deadlines. Within a few minutes after submitting an inquiry, you will receive a confirmation of its receipt and within a few hours at the latest an offer stating the project deadline. Translation speed depends on various factors, including the level of difficulty of the text, quantity of the translation materials, language combination, etc.


Is a translation from Slovenian into French done by a French native speaker? Does he/she understand Slovenian? What about translations into German or English?

At LEEMETA, all translations are performed by native speakers of the TARGET language. Therefore, if you need a translation from Slovenian into French, it will be done by a French person or a native speaker of French. They may be a foreigner who has lived in Slovenia for a longer period of time and has completed all the appropriate language courses, or a child of Slovenian parents, born abroad and mastering both languages at the mother tongue level. Translations are always carried out in cooperation with a reviewer, who eliminates any possibility of misunderstanding the source as well as other possible errors. The end result is a flawless translation.


How do you calculate the number of pages/words in a document?

The calculation depends on the form of the translation materials we receive. If you send the materials in electronic formats which enable editing (.doc, .xls, .txt, etc.), we can perform a quick analysis with our specialized software. If you send the materials via fax, regular post or in electronic formats which cannot be edited (.pdf, .jpg, etc.), we first transform the materials into editable files, which are then analysed.


Is it possible to visit you at your registered office? Is it possible to arrange a visit by your representative to our premises?

You can visit our office at Opekarniška 15b in Celje any weekday between 8:00am and 4:00pm. During weekdays, our representatives will be happy to visit you, present our services and answer all your questions. Call +386 (0)3 490 9310 or write to info@leemeta.com and arrange a meeting.


How or in what form can we send you the translation materials?

We accept translation materials in any form:

 – via regular post,
 – via e-mail,
 – via fax,
 – via our website,
 – personal pick-up of the materials at the desired location,
 – on different digital media (CD, DVD, etc.),
 – via our FTP server,
 – in various computer formats, such as MS Office (.doc, .xls, .ppt, .rtf…), picture formats (.jpg, .bmp…), Adobe Acrobat (.pdf), graphic formats (.indd, .psd…), text/web formats (.txt, .xml, .html…), translation software formats (.ttx, .qbd…) and many more.

Thus, there is practically no material which we would not be able translate and deliver to you in the same manner as we had received it. If your material format is not listed, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the details.


For which languages can you provide certified translations?

We can provide translations of all languages for which there are registered sworn translators in Slovenia.

If your language does not happen to be listed, there is another solution available. We can provide the translation into or from the desired language via English. First, we provide a translation into English and then from English into Slovenian or the desired language. This means a double translation therefore the price for such a certified translation is, of course, higher.

There are sworn translators for the following languages registered with the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Slovenia:

 – Albanian,
 – English,
 – Arabic,
 – Bulgarian,
 – Bosnian,
 – Czech,
 – Montenegrin,
 – Finnish,
 – Flemish,
 – French,
 – Greek,
 – Dutch,
 – Croatian,
 – Iranian,
 – Italian,
 – Japanese,
 – Chinese,
 – Latin,
 – Hungarian,
 – Macedonian,
 – German,
 – Pakistani (Urdu),
 – Punjabi,
 – Polish,
 – Portuguese,
 – Romanian,
 – Russian,
 – Slovak,
 – Serbian,
 – Spanish,
 – Swedish,
 – Turkish,
 – Ukrainian,
 – other languages provided via English.


I need an urgent certified translation. How fast can you provide it?

As a feature of certified translations the translation has to be physically attached to the original. That means that we need the original document, not only its copy. If you opt to send us the document via regular post, at least two days need to be added to the time necessary for the translation itself.

A certified translation can be provided faster if:

 – you deliver the documents for translation in person or if you pick up the translation in person;
 – if you make arrangements with us for the pickup of the documentation at your premises;
 – if you send the documentation for the certified translation by fax (00386 3 490 9311) or if you scan the documentation and sent it via e-mail (projects@leemeta.com) – the sworn translator can start with the translation immediately and attach it to the original afterwards;
 – if you send the documentation via the Slovenian Post express post by 11am or via one of the delivery services (DHL, UPS...) by 3pm, we will receive it the same day.


Do urgent translations need to be paid extra?

Just like for our other services, NO additional fees are charged for urgent translations. Dial +386 (0)3 490 9310 or write to us at projects@leemeta.com and check out our high quality yourself.


Which free online translation service would you recommend (I do not need a professional translation but merely a basic understanding of the text)?

Based on test results we recommend Google Translate.

“We began working with LEEMETA Translations three years ago, when they offered us translations of various publications completely free of charge.
We want to continue with our cooperation since LEEMETA supports UNICEF Slovenia with their translations.”

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