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Prices and discounts

Do urgent translations need to be paid extra?

Just like for our other services, NO additional fees are charged for urgent translations. Dial +386 (0)3 490 9310 or write to us at projects@leemeta.com and check out our high quality yourself.


I am going to need a translation, however, I still have not managed to prepare the documentation. What do you need to prepare a quote?

For a rough estimate, you can use the price calculator on our website. For a completely accurate quote we would need to analyse the text for translation, however, an estimated price of the order can be obtained based on your estimate of the length of the text. In that case, you will receive an offer merely as information, however, it should suffice for a rough assessment of the costs. Since the assessment can vary from the actual price even by 15% or more, it would be advisable to send us the final version of the documentation when it is ready. Based on the analysis of the text you will receive a quote with the exact price and deadline for the delivery of your order.


Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept the following payment methods:

– based on the quote or the issued invoice you can wire the money to our bank account no. SI56 0637 6096 6374 639;
– cash;
– Paypal;
– Moneybookers;
– credit cards (through Moneybookers or Paypal).


I have sent a text for translation to a translation agency. I was told that the exact price for the service will be known after the translation has been completed. Consequently, I have received an extremely high invoice. How do you deal with prices?

We always inform you about the price in advance. After we have received the documentation for translation, we convert it to a suitable format and analyse it with specialized software. Based on the analysis we prepare the quote stating the exact price of the service beside the delivery deadline. No hidden costs, no guessing, and no prices giving you headaches. Certainly it is recommended to obtain the information about the price before you confirm the order. At the end of the day, similarly, you probably would not buy a new refrigerator if you only learned about the price at its delivery, right?


Where do I find the prices? Do you offer any discounts?

The price list is available on our website on the page headed Prices. You can view the prices of translations, certified translations, proofreading and other services. For larger projects and long-term cooperation, we offer an additional discount. For detailed information regarding our client perks, please call +386 (0)3 490 9310 or write to projects@leemeta.com and together, we will find the solution that suits you best.


How do you calculate the prices of translations? Per page or per word? Is the calculation based on the source or the translated text?

Translation prices are calculated according to the number of words in the source text. Our software enables us to make a detailed analysis of the words in the text and prepare an offer based on that analysis. This means that you will know the total cost of the translation even before you confirm the project, and the word count will be stated in the offer.

Note: One translation page contains 250 words or 1,500 characters without spaces.


How do you calculate the number of pages/words in a document?

The calculation depends on the form of the translation materials we receive. If you send the materials in electronic formats which enable editing (.doc, .xls, .txt, etc.), we can perform a quick analysis with our specialized software. If you send the materials via fax, regular post or in electronic formats which cannot be edited (.pdf, .jpg, etc.), we first transform the materials into editable files, which are then analysed.


What kind of payment deferral and terms do you offer?

For first orders, payment can usually be deferred for eight, and in subsequent orders for 30 days. Our regular clients and contractual partners who execute payments on a regular basis may be granted an extension of the payment deadline upon agreement.


Is it possible to visit you in person? Is it possible to arrange a visit by your representative to our premises?

You can visit us at Opekarniška 15b in Celje any weekday between 8:00am and 4:00pm. Our representatives will be happy to visit you and answer all your questions. Call +386 (0)3 490 9310 or write to info@leemeta.com and arrange a meeting.

“What we value most in LEEMETA Translations is their rapid response to inquiries and quick implementation. We also have no complaints regarding your professionalism, helpfulness and prices. We cannot fault them.”

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