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I am a translator/proofreader. What is your recruitment procedure?

If you would like to cooperate with our agency in any way, write to info@leemeta.com.

Make sure to present yourself well, provide all the relevant information and enclose your CV. We will contact you and request you to complete a test of your knowledge. Provided you successfully pass the test, we will conclude a cooperation agreement.

The test consists of several parts, including a verification of your references, testing your experience and knowledge in different fields, testing your responsiveness, etc. Due to its high level of difficulty, only 7% of applicants successfully pass the test according to our experience. Of course, this by no means implies that you may not be among those 7%!

“We began working with LEEMETA Translations three years ago, when they offered us translations of various publications completely free of charge.
We want to continue with our cooperation since LEEMETA supports UNICEF Slovenia with their translations.”

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