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For companies / 10 August 2022

Attention, Online Editors!

Since regular updating of the website content is quite a necessity nowadays, online editors are trying to provide visitors with content as fresh and interesting as possible to attract and retain them on the website.

Unfortunately, the whole process on multilingual websites can be very slow.

The article must be drawn up in the source language, submitted to a translation agency and then translated and published on the corresponding language version of the website.

The whole process can take a long time, especially if the text is translated into several languages and also needs to be visually adapted and manually inserted to the website.


What the process is like in our agency

For this purpose, Leemeta has developed a procedure to save you the effort and time which you would normally invest to manually insert the text to the website.

The whole procedure has been developed with the help of the WPML plugin.

For the end users, the procedure in question is very simple. First, we connect our translation agency with the WPML plugin of your WordPress website. We set up the connection together with you or in cooperation with the programmers of your website. When your website is connected, you can submit the articles you would like to translate directly through it. Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it? smiley


The procedure in five steps

Let us look at the individual steps to make the matter understandable to everyone.

Step 1: Write the original article and publish it on your website.

Step 2: On your WordPress website, select the article you would like to translate into other languages and submit it via the WPML plugin.

Step 3: We receive the original text and translate it.

Step 4: We then send the article back to you via the WPML plugin.

Step 5: The article is automatically added or published in the translated language versions on your website without you having to manually insert it.


The biggest advantage for you:
This procedure saves you a lot of time
you would have normally used for manually inserting articles
to the different language subsites of your website.


To enable content transmission from your website, you must have the WPML plugin installed on your WordPress website. For detailed information about the WPML plugin and its features, please visit their official website at Wpml.org


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