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Website and IT translations

IT translations

Our clients know us for our Turnkey Translations®.


Texts are transferred from the website and upon completion the translated texts are uploaded back onto the website.

You will find your translations exactly where they need to be, available immediately to your online visitors.

With our innovative and comprehensive services you will no longer have to transfer texts from or to your website manually. With the help of our solutions we ensure professional, fast, high-quality and consistent website translations. We have named them Turnkey Translations®.






You have to do two things so others will learn about your service: create an attractive website and take care of its optimisation. A good website that is not appropriately optimised will get completely lost in the mass of other websites.

What solution can we offer you?
We take care of the SEO optimisation of your website. The standard level of SEO includes the optimisation of metadata (meta-keywords, meta-title, meta-description). We also offer a complete SEO solution (extended keywords, alt tags, link titles, URLs, backlinks, text optimisation, etc.) as part of the advanced option.



With our Turnkey Translations® we will relieve you from any additional work. In addition to our team of translators, our specialised IT experts and graphic designers are here to make sure the design and the technical aspects of your projects are taken care of.

What solution can we offer you?
We prepare your text for the translation regardless of the format, translate and proofread it, graphically design it, import it to the web or into the apps or prepare it for a digital distribution. You can focus on your work while we focus on what we do best – specialist Turnkey Translations®.



Before a translation is published on your website, its content must be flawless.

What solution can we offer you?
We offer our customers a professional linguistic review of the text on the website before it is released.
We will coordinate any necessary corrections with you and make sure that you introduce your services in foreign markets in the best light possible.


TRANSLATION OF WEBSITES AND WEBSTORES (Wordpress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal)

Manual copying of texts from a website and the re-import of the translations back into the website is time-consuming and often prone to mistakes.

What solution can we offer you?
With our dedicated software we translate your website and re-import the translation.
We export the texts from the website by means of various plugins or contact your website administrator/programmer for technical support.



Catalogues and brochures belong the crucial marketing tools. However the formats of such marketing materials often pose a challenge.

What solution can we offer you?
We export product catalogues as .cdr (CorelDRAW), .indd, .idml (Adobe InDesign), .qxd (QuarkXPress) or .psd (Adobe Photoshop) files and re-import them upon the completion of the translation.
After the texts are imported to your website, they are professionally reviewed by our proofreader.



The AutoCAD software they were created in is a professional design software for architects, installation professionals and other industry experts, however the created files do not allow for text editing or translation.

What solution can we offer you?
We export the text from the AutoCAD software files (.dwg) with the help of plugins. We then professionally translate the text in our memoQ software and re-import it to your AutoCAD files.
We deliver the files in the same format with the translation where it needs to be.



Software translations require a professional technical team and an in-depth know-how from the relevant field. We pride ourselves on both.

What solution can we offer you?
We work with files such as .php, .xml, .json, .cs, .ini and .po on a daily basis.
We translate software with the help of tools such as, Poedit, ZetaResourceEditor etc.
Simply submit software files to us (.ini, .xml etc.) and we will return professionally translated texts in the same format.



Many texts need to get adapted, updated and amended over time, while only the newly added parts need a translation.

What solution can we offer you?
We can extract the untranslated parts from the existing already translated text. With our specialist software, we analyse these parts and send you a quote with the included discount for repetitions found in the existing translation.
From the existing text we can create a translation memory and a glossary, which ensure consistency between the newly translated parts and the existing translation.


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The verified multi-stage process we perform for every project allows us to provide our clients with a guarantee for the performed work of the entire team.



Every translation completes a 6-stage verification and quality assurance process.


Customer opinions

We are happy about each and every opinion, however some lie closer to our heart.

  • Meta Tišler, Calcit

    The LEEMETA team has translated our annual reports several times. Already first time, we were positively surprised by the responsiveness and speed without compromising the quality of the translations. They have mastered our terminology and always verify if the translations are correct. A personal approach and an always friendly and professional service are the reasons for us to keep cooperating with them.

  • Mojca Ževart, Director, Velenje Museum

    Quick response, friendly communication, reasonable deadlines and prices, professional approach, high-quality services, and all languages in one spot. What more do you need?

  • Ivica Črešnar, Head of Marketing, Seltron

    We regularly order translations and proofreading services from you. You always stick to the deadlines and are flexible regarding the agreements. You also provide urgent, very quick translations if we’re in a hurry. We use a very difficult technical language, but you have mastered the terminology. We have been cooperating for several years and we are very happy, also with our communication.

  • Barbara Zorko, Digital Marketing, Val Skupina d.o.o.

    Leemeta has helped us reach 3 new markets. Our comments and wishes are always taken into consideration, the documents are always delivered within the agreed deadline. All translations have been professional, the used terminology has been consistent. Also the design of the original documents has been considered thoroughly. However their biggest advantage is that their services are comprehensive.

  • Mateja Sulič, Administrator Office, ISPEM

    We are very satisfied with the Leemeta translation agency due to their quality, speed and friendliness. Everything can be agreed upon with them – the deadline, payment terms, graphic design of the documents, etc. We especially like that they stick to the agreed deadline and are very professional. We can always trust Leemeta!

  • Žiga Marovt, attorney, Odvetnik Marovt in partnerji d.o.o, o.p.

    We are very satisfied with the translations of professional texts since the nature of our work does not allow for anything to get mistakenly “lost in the translation”. They made sure that legal terminology was used correctly and that the meaning of the source text was preserved. We and our customers were happy with the translation therefore they are the right people for professional translations of legal texts.

  • Anja Kralj, Client Success Manager, Optiweb

    We are very satisfied with the services of the Leemeta translation agency because their translations are of a high quality, quick an reliable. They are also adapted to the field of expertise, which is very important for Optiweb. We would recommend Leemeta to everyone and look forward to our future cooperation.

  • Jana Podvinšek, Marketing Associate, INEL

    LEEMETA is our go-to solution for translations of technical documentation. Even though we deal with professional texts, they always provide a high-quality, well executed, quick and affordable service. LEEMETA gives an additional value to our products, which affects the satisfaction of our customers.

  • Dušan Lukič, Business Media Director, ADRIA MEDIA LJUBLJANA

    We have opted for the cooperation because we needed a comprehensive service and first and foremost high-quality translations with a consistent quality. As it turns out, we chose well. Their deliveries that are mostly even before the agreed deadline are an additional plus, the same applying to their excellent communication skills. Nothing is impossible and all the information is provided on time.

  • Jure Rojc, Management Board Member, Kovintrade

    We entrusted Leemeta with translation of professional texts into various foreign languages and Slovenian. Suitable terminology and accuracy were of key importance and Leemeta executed every project flawlessly. They were also very forthcoming with regard to the deadlines and provided the graphic design of all translations. Our communication with them has always been excellent and we will definitely also work with them in the future.

  • Boris Leskovšek, Martin d.o.o.

    We have been cooperating with LEEMETA in the field of technical translations for several years. Their team always responds quickly and in a professional manner as well as listens to our wishes and requests. Their communication is always top notch, they always respect the agreed deadlines, and also provide graphic design if necessary. And what is most important, the translations are of a high quality with a consistent terminology.

  • Urška Nemanič, Head of Marketing, Kolpa, d.d. Metlika

    Kolpa, d.d. Metlika has already been cooperating with Leemeta for three years. Our criteria concerning the consistent use of terminology, comprehensiveness of the service and visual design are very high. After having cooperated with Leemeta for a while, we can clearly say that the work has always been performed in a professional and high quality manner, our requests have been adhered to, and their responsiveness top notch. We are going to cooperate with Leemeta in the future as well.

  • Engrotuš, d.o.o.

    Quick responsiveness, which we want and expect from our partners.

  • Horizont Clair, d.o.o

    With them, we get the feeling that we have a true colleague by our side.

  • ISI, d.o.o.

    We are very happy with their responsiveness and flexibility. The entire correspondence is on a high professional level.

  • TEHNOS, d.o.o.

    They always respond within the same day and their high-quality services are always professional. So far, we haven’t had a project to which LEEMETA hasn’t found a solution.


    We are very satisfied with the services of the LEEMETA translation agency. What convinced us most was the quick responsiveness and quality of their services.

  • LPKF

    The translations are always delivered on time and translated to the highest quality standards. They always quickly come up with a solution and the cooperation with them is always reliable.

  • Sika

    We value their knowledge of our terminology and responsiveness. All translations are delivered within the agreed deadlines.

  • Filli Stahl

    Their speed and short delivery deadlines allow us to respond to changing market circumstances immediately. We are extremely happy with their professional approach.

  • Totus

    They perform technically complex translations the way it is expected from professionals. We are very pleased by our cooperation.


    The translations by LEEMETA are provided quickly and are of a high quality regardless of the level of expertise of the text. They are certainly a very reliable partner.

  • BAYER d.o.o.

    We are very familiar with the work of your agency and my colleagues are often full of praise about it!

  • MSD, d.o.o.

    We have been cooperating with LEEMETA for more than three years. Our cooperation has always been very good and they are highly responsive. All the best for them.

  • Salus

    We have been highly satisfied with the services provided by Leemeta for many years. We value their professionalism, reliability, flexibility, and extremely quick responsiveness.

  • HYPO LEASING d.o.o.

    We always receive our translations within the agreed deadline. We have already suggested the conclusion of a business cooperation contract.

  • HERVIS d.o.o.

    You can always rely on them to be up-to-date and professional, as well as to offer high-quality translations.

  • ICG Integrated Consulting Group GmbH

    We value Leemeta’s services due to:

    – The quality of translations
    – Graphic design
    – Affordable prices
    – Consistent respect for the desired (very short) deadlines

  • UNICEF Slovenia

    We started our cooperation with LEEMETA three years ago and we intend to continue.

  • Porsche Leasing

    We value their top responsiveness and high-quality translations at an attractive price.

  • SIFLEKS, d.o.o.

    What we value the most is their responsiveness and quick deliveries. We also couldn’t complain about their professionalism, helpfulness and prices.

  • Isokon

    What is crucial for us is the reliability, responsiveness, quick assistance, and the personal approach provided by Leemeta.

  • Klima Petek, d.o.o.

    Professional and friendly!

  • ELSA Gornja Radgona, d.o.o.

    We want to express our praise for the wide range of language combinations, expertise, professional approach, and responsiveness.

  • MEDIA TERRA, d.o.o.

    We are extremely happy with LEEMETA since they never fail to meet our expectations (responsiveness, adaptability...).

  • TOKAM, d.o.o.

    We are happy with the translation services of LEEMETA. They are quick, professional and always provide a high quality.

  • DR. NEMO, d.o.o.

    So far, we have been very satisfied with all the translations and also the response times have always been very short. When we needed a turnaround of a project within a day, we got it.


We are happy about each and every opinion, however some lie closer to our heart.

  • Anja Kralj, Client Success Manager, Optiweb

    We are very satisfied with the services of the Leemeta translation agency because their translations are of a high quality, quick an reliable. They are also adapted to the field of expertise, which is very important for Optiweb. We would recommend Leemeta to everyone and look forward to our future cooperation.