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Will a translation from Slovenian into French be done by a Frenchman? What about translations into German or English?

At Leemeta, all translations are done by native speakers of the target language. If you need a translation from Slovenian into French, it will be provided by a Frenchman or a person who speaks French as his or her native language. The translator may be a foreigner who has lived in Slovenia for a while and has completed all the relevant language courses, or a child of Slovenian parents born abroad and mastering both languages at the mother tongue level.

Translations are also always proofread and edited in order to eliminate any mistranslations as well as any other errors. If needed, an expert in the relevant field will be consulted to ensure the use of proper terminology. Proofreading is always performed by a native speaker of the target language.


Which languages can you provide certified translations for?

We can provide translations of all languages for which there are registered sworn translators in Slovenia.
If your language is not listed, we can provide the translation into or from the desired language via English. This means a double translation therefore the price for such a certified translation is, of course, slightly higher.
There are certified translators for the following languages registered with the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Slovenia:
 – Albanian,
 – English,
 – Arabic,
 – Bulgarian,
 – Bosnian,
 – Czech,
 – Montenegrin,
 – Finnish,
 – Flemish,
 – French,
 – Greek,
 – Dutch,
 – Croatian,
 – Iranian,
 – Italian,
 – Japanese,
 – Chinese,
 – Latin,
 – Hungarian,
 – Macedonian,
 – German,
 – Pakistani (Urdu),
 – Punjabi,
 – Polish,
 – Portuguese,
 – Romanian,
 – Russian,
 – Slovak,
 – Serbian,
 – Spanish,
 – Swedish,
 – Turkish,
 – Ukrainian,
 – other languages provided via English.

I need an urgent certified translation. How fast can you provide it?

Certified translations have to be physically attached to the original document. That means that we need the original document, not only its copy.

If you opt to send us the document via regular post, at least two days need to be added to the time necessary for the translation itself.

A certified translation can be provided faster if:
 – you deliver the documents for translation in person or if you pick up the translation in person;
 – you make arrangements with us for the pickup of the documentation at your premises;
 – if you send the documentation for the certified translation by fax (+386 3 490 9311) or if you scan the documentation and sent it via e-mail ( – the sworn translator can start with the translation immediately and attach it to the original afterwards;
 – you send the documentation via the Slovenian Post express post by 11am or via one of the delivery services by 3pm, we will receive it the same day.


Can I only order proofreading?

Of course. A proofreader, who is a native speaker of the target language, will take care of the stylistic and linguistic accuracy as well as adapt the proofread text to the target audience.

How do you make a translation?

At Leemeta, we have developed a multi-stage process that we follow with every project in order to ensure the optimal quality of each and every translation.

At LEEMETA, every translation goes through various stages, usually in the following order:

– accepting the materials,
– document preparation and analysis,
– quote preparation,
– confirmation of the project by the client,
– translation (if necessary in cooperation with an industry expert),
– proofreading,

– multi-stage technical review,
– graphic design,
– delivering the project to the client.

We always build long-term strategic partnerships with our clients. Therefore, our cooperation does not end with the project delivery. The client’s feedback is passed on to everyone cooperating in the project. Naturally we take care that it is taken into consideration in the course of further work. We update glossaries and translation memories of every client on the go. That way, we ensure a higher quality, consistency, and consideration of the guidelines for each project.

I need the translation of a very demanding professional text. Can you ensure me a high-quality translation?

We specialise in technical translations, translations of websites and IT texts, medicine and pharmacy, chemistry, finances, marketing, and law.
Thanks to our expert translators and proofreaders we provide the top-quality level of service. Our linguists are always native speakers with impressive experience in the relevant industry. Our project managers and quality managers provide additional project supervision. We only entrust experienced and verified translators with our translations. Of course, we constantly monitor and assess their work. We would also love to make a test translation for you. That way, you can verify our quality and speed without any additional costs.

  • We only cooperate with verified and experienced translators.
    We assign the translation to a translator who specialises in the relevant field. If necessary, we also cooperate with an expert from the field during the process. Every translation also encompasses proofreading by a native speaker of the target language.
  • We cooperate with industry experts.
    We know that impeccable translations require a cooperation with the industry and its experts. That is the reason why we always consult external partners who deal with professional terminology day by day.
  • Our services include a multi-stage quality assurance process.
    At Leemeta, we leave nothing to coincidence, so we ensure the consistency of all projects with a multi-stage process of quality assurance.

This process includes:

  • the application of computer-aided translation software, which additionally ensures consistency and quality (especially in case of larger projects);
  • quality assurance tools (in order to identify errors that might go unnoticed by the human eye as well as to ensure the compliance and consistency of translations).
Which languages do you offer translations into?

We offer translations into 83 languages, including all major European and Asian languages. For a detailed language list, see the ordering form on our website.

What is QA (quality assurance)?

QA is a tool that compares the source and the target segments of a text.

It helps us identify potential errors in the translation (and the original), i.e. inconsistencies between the original and the translation, which among others include grammatical errors (punctuation marks, upper and lower cases), numerical discrepancies, formatting and terminology errors, etc.

What does the expression “standard translation page” mean?

A standard translation page is a standardised unit of 250 words or 1,500 characters without empty spaces.

I am going to need a translation but I still haven’t managed to prepare the documents. What do you need to prepare a quote?

For a rough estimate, you can use the price calculator  on our website.

  • For a completely accurate quote we would need to analyse the text for translation,
  • however, an estimated price of the order can be obtained based on your estimate of the length of the text. In that case, you will receive a quote merely as information. It should, however, suffice for a rough assessment of your costs.

Since the assessment can vary from the actual price even by 15% or more, it would be advisable to send us the final version of the documentation when you are ready.
Based on the analysis of the text you will receive a quote with the exact price and deadline for the delivery of your order.


Which payment methods do you accept?

You can pay for the services already upon receiving the quote or upon receiving the invoice:
– to the bank account no. SI56 0510 0801 4678 032,
– in cash,
– via PayPal,
– with credit cards
– or with Bitcoins.

I want to know immediately how much the translation is going to cost. Can I get this information?

Of course. Choose the Price Calculation option, enter the required information and you will receive a rough price estimate.

  • For a completely accurate quote the text you want to translate must be analysed.
  • A rough quote can also be made based on your estimate of the word count. In that case, you will receive a quote merely as information. It should, however, suffice for a rough assessment of your costs. Since the assessment can vary from the actual price even by 15% or more, it would be advisable to send us the final version of the documentation when it is ready.

Based on the analysis of the text you will receive a quote with the exact price and delivery deadline.

If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to call us at +386 3 490 93 10 or write to Together, we will find the best solution for you.


How do you determine the prices of translations? Per page or per word? Is the calculation based on the source or the translated text?

Translation prices are obtained according to the number of words in the source text. Our software allows us to make a detailed analysis of the words in the text and prepare a quote based on that analysis. This means that you will know the entire cost of the translation even before you confirm the project and the word count will be stated in the quote.

What kind of payment deferral and terms do you offer?

For first orders, payment can usually be deferred for 8 days. For subsequent orders, payment can be deferred for 30 days. Our regular clients and contractual partners who pay their invoices in a timely manner may be granted an extension of the payment deadline upon agreement.

Do urgent translations require an extra payment?

Leemeta does NOT charge any additional fees for urgent translations or translations with a very short deadline. Dial +386 (0)3 490 9310 or write to us to and check out our premium services yourself.

Can I only order proofreading?

Of course. A proofreader, who is a native speaker of the target language, will take care of the stylistic and linguistic accuracy as well as adapt the proofread text to the target audience.

How or in what form can we send you the materials to be translated?

We accept materials in all kinds of formats:
 – via regular post,
 – via email,
 – via fax,
 – via our website,
 – personal pick-up of the materials at the desired location,
 – on different digital media (CD, DVD, etc.),
 – via online file transfer services or our server,
 – in various digital formats, such as MS Office (.docx, .xlsx, .pptx, .rtf…), picture formats (.jpg, .bmp…), Adobe Acrobat (.pdf), graphic formats (.indd, .psd…), text/web formats (.txt, .xml, .html, .php), translation software formats (.ttx, .qbd…) and many more;
– the texts to be translated can also be transferred from your website by our IT department (Wordpress, Joomla, Typo3, Drupal).

Our IT-department develops solutions, such as translation plugins, with the help of which we can perform translations of the technically most complex projects. Write to or call +386 (0)3 490 9310 and we will certainly find a solution.


How do you calculate the number of pages/words in a document?

The calculation depends on the form of the translation materials we receive.

  • If you send the materials in electronic formats which enable editing (.doc, .xls, .txt, etc.), we can perform a quick analysis with our specialized software.
  • If you send the materials via fax, regular post or in electronic formats which cannot be edited (.pdf, .jpg, etc.), we first transform the materials into editable files, which are then analysed.
How quickly can we receive the translation?

We pride ourselves on being a very “fast” translation agency with very short response times.

We always focus all our efforts on meeting the client’s requirements, thus we have been able to provide our services in record time if the need occurred. Within a few minutes after submitting an inquiry, you will receive a confirmation of its receipt, and within a few hours a quote stating the proposed delivery deadline. If your time is at a premium, the delivery date can of course be further discussed. How quickly a text can be translated depends on various factors, including the difficulty of the text, length of the text to be translated, language combination, etc.


What kind of payment deferral and terms do you offer?

For first orders, payment can usually be deferred for 8 days. For subsequent orders, payment can be deferred for 30 days. Our regular clients and contractual partners who pay their invoices in a timely manner may be granted an extension of the payment deadline upon agreement.

Is it possible to visit you at your headquarters? Is it possible to arrange a visit by your representative at our premises?

You can visit our office at Podjavorškova ulica 1 in Celje any weekday between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm It is also possible to arrange a visit by our representative. He or she will surely provide plenty of information on why we are so unique. Call us at +386 (0)3 490 9310 or write to and arrange a meeting.

Internal data protection rules of Leemeta, d.o.o.

Privacy is crucial to us therefore we operate in accordance with the data protection legislation, especially the new General Data Protection Regulation that came into force on 25 May 2018. Further on, you will learn to what purpose we collect and use personal data of data subjects and how those individuals can control those processes as well as enforce their rights.

Name and contact details of the controller

The responsibility for the processing of personal data Leemeta d.o.o. operates with lies with:

LEEMETA, specializirane prevajalske rešitve, d.o.o.
Podjavorškova ulica 1
3000 Celje

Data protection officer

Data protection officer is Martina Korez.


Phone: +386 (0) 3 490 93 10

The data subject is entitled to obtain the information on data use and processing and to submit a request to enforce his-her rights.

For key information, questions, corrections or requirements regarding their personal data a data subject may contact our assigned data protection officer listed above.

Data processing purpose and legal basis

We ensure that the personal data of data subjects are only used to meet the requirements of such data subjects, to conclude contracts and execute contracts. Such data are also used internally by us. Processing takes place in accordance with the European Union General Data Processing Regulation as well as Slovenian and EU laws and stipulations.

Personal data are processed when data subjects contact us (send an inquiry, request a quote, conclude an agreement with us or subscribe to our newsletter by email, phone or personally in our offices, etc.).

Based on the type of contact (requests, services or agreements) the data may be the following:

  • Name and surname as well as position in the company
  • Name of the company
  • Address
  • Tax number
  • Registration number
  • Personal identification number
  • Email address
  • Phone/fax number
  • Service
  • Bank data

Those data are stored and processed in our system applied for the conclusion or execution of contracts signed with such data subjects, for the execution of services we provide and to enforce legitimate interests to enhance operations. The data are available to individuals that need such data to perform their work.

The management of the database of customers and other individuals Leemeta d.o.o. cooperates with is based on the enforcement of legitimate interest supporting our operations in line with the legislation with regard to the accuracy and transferability of personal data. We also take into consideration personal interests of data subjects since the access to our data processing system allows the following to our customers:

  • submitting inquiries;
  • confirming/rejecting inquiries;
  • archive of all inquiries and orders of a customer;
  • changing the access password;
  • overview of the invoices of such an individual.

Personal data of external contractors, translators, proofreaders and other experts are processed in accordance with the applicable Regulation.

Data are processed for:

  • payment transactions,
  • reporting to the tax administration,
  • data storage in the contractors’ databases.

Personal data recipients

Within regulatory stipulations and with regard to the type of data processing of data subjects the data are submitted to the following partners:

  • IT partners within IT support;
  • cloud software providers;
  • payment service providers and banks;
  • other subcontractors and providers.

In accordance with the provisions of the contracts concluded with the aforementioned persons these persons provide the same level of data protection as us.

Personal data storage period

Your data will be stored as long as the underlying or equally important purpose for data storage and processing exists.

If the legislation requires a prolongation of the storage period for any type of data necessary for the execution of contract, the storage is prolonged in accordance with the requirements of such regulatory necessity. Any prolongation of this period also includes a limitation of the processing of such data.

Rights of data subjects

In connection with the collection and processing of your personal data, data subjects are entitled to the following rights that we must ensure:

  • access right;
  • right to correction;
  • right to deletion;
  • right to the limitation of use;
  • data transferability;
  • right to object;
  • right to file in a complaint with the competent authority.

Access right

Data subjects have the right to receive information from us if and how their data are processed. They also have the right to access their personal data and the following information: purpose of processing, applicable categories of personal data, recipients of personal data, as well as other aforementioned rights. If the data are transferred outside the EU and processed there, data subject have the right to be informed on protection measures. When possible, data subjects can also request a copy of the personal data being processed.

Right to correction

Data subjects must immediately request a correction of inaccurate data that apply to them. Under consideration of the purpose of processing the data subjects have the right to amend incomplete personal data and to also submit an additional statement regarding their personal data.

Right to object

If personal data processing is based on the enforcement of our legitimate interest, data subjects can object the processing of their personal data based on certain circumstances. If such an objection is submitted, we will cease to process their personal data unless we can prove a significant legitimate reason for the processing having priority over the interest, rights and freedoms of the data subject or on the basis of the enforcement, execution or protection of legal requests.

Contacts information: how you can enforce your rights

Data subjects may contact our data protection officer at:

Any questions and requests of data subjects will be processed immediately in accordance with regulatory requirements with the data subjects being notified of the actions implemented.

Amendments and changes

These internal data protection rules can change from time to time to be harmonised with the latest state and regulatory requirements. We recommend to monitor any changes on our website so you are always familiar with the latest information.

Website and links to other websites

Our website contains links to other websites. This data protection information only applies to our websites. Please take a look at the personal data protection provisions on the linked websites. We do not assume any responsibility for third party contents accessible via links and marked as such and those contents are also not our property. Only the owner of the website you accessed is liable for any illegal, inaccurate or incomplete information or for the losses resulting from the use or lack of use of such information.

Cookies and web analytics

Our website uses cookies to enable certain technical functions and thus provide a pleasant user experience. We also use cookies that enable web analytics, e.g. the analytics of our website used to enhance the quality of the site and our services.

We use Google Analytics in the cloud to process such data. In accordance with the contract you have concluded with us and under the cooperation in the EU-US Privacy Shield, Google is not allowed to use such data for any other purpose and must implement all the necessary technical and organisational protection measures.

Service provider:

Google LLC
1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy Mountain View,
California 94043

Leemeta d.o.o. newsletter and usage of personal data for marketing purposes

Your data is used for our own marketing purposes. To subscribe to our newsletter simply send us your name and email address to which you would like to receive the newsletter.

The processing of these data and the newsletter are based on legitimate interests of Leemeta d.o.o.

As a rule, we send our newsletter to people who have subscribed to it. In exceptional circumstances, we can also send important information and notices on changes in our relationship with you as a user of our services as well as to all our customers. You can at any time cancel our newsletter in accordance with the instructions you receive by email upon subscribing and that you find in every newsletter you receive.

Leemeta d.o.o. newsletter subscriptions are managed and the newsletter is distributed vie the Mailchimp platform and via the services provided by The Rocket Science Group, LLC from the USA and in accordance with the contract concluded with Leemeta d.o.o. The processor acts exclusively in accordance with our instructions and implements all the necessary data protection measures in accordance with their membership in EU-US Privacy Shield.

The service provider is:

The Rocket Science Group LLC
675 Ponce De Leon Ave NE, Suite 500 Atlanta,
Georgia 30308, USA

Customer database is managed in cooperation with our partner Plunet:

Plunet GmbH
Dresdener Str. 15 
10999 Berlin 

Applicable legal framework

Together with our corporate and internal IT systems our website has been designed in accordance with the following national and international laws applying to data protection and user privacy:

EU Data Protection Directive

Slovenian Consumer Protection Act

Slovenian Data Protection Act

EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


You will always be provided access to your personal data submitted to Leemeta d.o.o. You can also amend data by calling us or sending us a letter or an email.

If you wish to know which personal data about you Leemeta d.o.o. stores and processes, contact our data protection officer via the contact information below.

You can write us to:

LEEMETA, specializirane prevajalske rešitve, d.o.o.
Podjavorškova ulica 1
3000 Celje

Data protection officer

Our data protection officer is Martina Korez.


Phone:  +386 (0) 3 490 93 10

We will respond as soon as possible.


Start of validity: 25 May 2018


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Customer opinions

We are happy about each and every opinion, however some lie closer to our heart.

  • Anja Kralj, Client Success Manager, Optiweb

    We are very satisfied with the services of the Leemeta translation agency because their translations are of a high quality, quick an reliable. They are also adapted to the field of expertise, which is very important for Optiweb. We would recommend Leemeta to everyone and look forward to our future cooperation.


We are happy about each and every opinion, however some lie closer to our heart.

  • Meta Tišler, Calcit

    The LEEMETA team has translated our annual reports several times. Already first time, we were positively surprised by the responsiveness and speed without compromising the quality of the translations. They have mastered our terminology and always verify if the translations are correct. A personal approach and an always friendly and professional service are the reasons for us to keep cooperating with them.

  • Mojca Ževart, Director, Velenje Museum

    Quick response, friendly communication, reasonable deadlines and prices, professional approach, high-quality services, and all languages in one spot. What more do you need?

  • Ivica Črešnar, Head of Marketing, Seltron

    We regularly order translations and proofreading services from you. You always stick to the deadlines and are flexible regarding the agreements. You also provide urgent, very quick translations if we’re in a hurry. We use a very difficult technical language, but you have mastered the terminology. We have been cooperating for several years and we are very happy, also with our communication.

  • Barbara Zorko, Digital Marketing, Val Skupina d.o.o.

    Leemeta has helped us reach 3 new markets. Our comments and wishes are always taken into consideration, the documents are always delivered within the agreed deadline. All translations have been professional, the used terminology has been consistent. Also the design of the original documents has been considered thoroughly. However their biggest advantage is that their services are comprehensive.

  • Mateja Sulič, Administrator Office, ISPEM

    We are very satisfied with the Leemeta translation agency due to their quality, speed and friendliness. Everything can be agreed upon with them – the deadline, payment terms, graphic design of the documents, etc. We especially like that they stick to the agreed deadline and are very professional. We can always trust Leemeta!

  • Žiga Marovt, attorney, Odvetnik Marovt in partnerji d.o.o, o.p.

    We are very satisfied with the translations of professional texts since the nature of our work does not allow for anything to get mistakenly “lost in the translation”. They made sure that legal terminology was used correctly and that the meaning of the source text was preserved. We and our customers were happy with the translation therefore they are the right people for professional translations of legal texts.

  • Anja Kralj, Client Success Manager, Optiweb

    We are very satisfied with the services of the Leemeta translation agency because their translations are of a high quality, quick an reliable. They are also adapted to the field of expertise, which is very important for Optiweb. We would recommend Leemeta to everyone and look forward to our future cooperation.

  • Jana Podvinšek, Marketing Associate, INEL

    LEEMETA is our go-to solution for translations of technical documentation. Even though we deal with professional texts, they always provide a high-quality, well executed, quick and affordable service. LEEMETA gives an additional value to our products, which affects the satisfaction of our customers.

  • Dušan Lukič, Business Media Director, ADRIA MEDIA LJUBLJANA

    We have opted for the cooperation because we needed a comprehensive service and first and foremost high-quality translations with a consistent quality. As it turns out, we chose well. Their deliveries that are mostly even before the agreed deadline are an additional plus, the same applying to their excellent communication skills. Nothing is impossible and all the information is provided on time.

  • Jure Rojc, Management Board Member, Kovintrade

    We entrusted Leemeta with translation of professional texts into various foreign languages and Slovenian. Suitable terminology and accuracy were of key importance and Leemeta executed every project flawlessly. They were also very forthcoming with regard to the deadlines and provided the graphic design of all translations. Our communication with them has always been excellent and we will definitely also work with them in the future.

  • Boris Leskovšek, Martin d.o.o.

    We have been cooperating with LEEMETA in the field of technical translations for several years. Their team always responds quickly and in a professional manner as well as listens to our wishes and requests. Their communication is always top notch, they always respect the agreed deadlines, and also provide graphic design if necessary. And what is most important, the translations are of a high quality with a consistent terminology.

  • Urška Nemanič, Head of Marketing, Kolpa, d.d. Metlika

    Kolpa, d.d. Metlika has already been cooperating with Leemeta for three years. Our criteria concerning the consistent use of terminology, comprehensiveness of the service and visual design are very high. After having cooperated with Leemeta for a while, we can clearly say that the work has always been performed in a professional and high quality manner, our requests have been adhered to, and their responsiveness top notch. We are going to cooperate with Leemeta in the future as well.

  • Engrotuš, d.o.o.

    Quick responsiveness, which we want and expect from our partners.

  • Horizont Clair, d.o.o

    With them, we get the feeling that we have a true colleague by our side.

  • ISI, d.o.o.

    We are very happy with their responsiveness and flexibility. The entire correspondence is on a high professional level.

  • TEHNOS, d.o.o.

    They always respond within the same day and their high-quality services are always professional. So far, we haven’t had a project to which LEEMETA hasn’t found a solution.


    We are very satisfied with the services of the LEEMETA translation agency. What convinced us most was the quick responsiveness and quality of their services.

  • LPKF

    The translations are always delivered on time and translated to the highest quality standards. They always quickly come up with a solution and the cooperation with them is always reliable.

  • Sika

    We value their knowledge of our terminology and responsiveness. All translations are delivered within the agreed deadlines.

  • Filli Stahl

    Their speed and short delivery deadlines allow us to respond to changing market circumstances immediately. We are extremely happy with their professional approach.

  • Totus

    They perform technically complex translations the way it is expected from professionals. We are very pleased by our cooperation.


    The translations by LEEMETA are provided quickly and are of a high quality regardless of the level of expertise of the text. They are certainly a very reliable partner.

  • BAYER d.o.o.

    We are very familiar with the work of your agency and my colleagues are often full of praise about it!

  • MSD, d.o.o.

    We have been cooperating with LEEMETA for more than three years. Our cooperation has always been very good and they are highly responsive. All the best for them.

  • Salus

    We have been highly satisfied with the services provided by Leemeta for many years. We value their professionalism, reliability, flexibility, and extremely quick responsiveness.

  • HYPO LEASING d.o.o.

    We always receive our translations within the agreed deadline. We have already suggested the conclusion of a business cooperation contract.

  • HERVIS d.o.o.

    You can always rely on them to be up-to-date and professional, as well as to offer high-quality translations.

  • ICG Integrated Consulting Group GmbH

    We value Leemeta’s services due to:

    – The quality of translations
    – Graphic design
    – Affordable prices
    – Consistent respect for the desired (very short) deadlines

  • UNICEF Slovenia

    We started our cooperation with LEEMETA three years ago and we intend to continue.

  • Porsche Leasing

    We value their top responsiveness and high-quality translations at an attractive price.

  • SIFLEKS, d.o.o.

    What we value the most is their responsiveness and quick deliveries. We also couldn’t complain about their professionalism, helpfulness and prices.

  • Isokon

    What is crucial for us is the reliability, responsiveness, quick assistance, and the personal approach provided by Leemeta.

  • Klima Petek, d.o.o.

    Professional and friendly!

  • ELSA Gornja Radgona, d.o.o.

    We want to express our praise for the wide range of language combinations, expertise, professional approach, and responsiveness.

  • MEDIA TERRA, d.o.o.

    We are extremely happy with LEEMETA since they never fail to meet our expectations (responsiveness, adaptability...).

  • TOKAM, d.o.o.

    We are happy with the translation services of LEEMETA. They are quick, professional and always provide a high quality.

  • DR. NEMO, d.o.o.

    So far, we have been very satisfied with all the translations and also the response times have always been very short. When we needed a turnaround of a project within a day, we got it.