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In the focus / 20 May 2020

How our working from home looks in the time of coronavirus

The world nearly has almost come to a standstill in the current situation: the borders are closed, planes are grounded, streets and shopping centres look abandoned. Companies are working with reduced capacity, which in turn causes problems for many. Many companies are also struggling with unavailability or the reduced capacity of their suppliers, which makes it impossible for them to operate smoothly.


What happens when you need a translation?
Will you find yourself faced with closed doors (or a non-responsive telephone line or an e-mail address)?


A big advantage of a translation agency and thus our Turnkey Translations, for you and for us, is unhindered remote work or work from home that can be carried out by anyone of us without any problems:


Business development specialists

Our business development specialists are unable to visit you at your headquarters just to look at each other with fear and fully equipped with masks, keeping a two-metre distance, but will gladly and promptly accept your call, reply to your emails, or take part in a video conference or a video call through suitable tools. And this can be done anywhere, any time.


Project managers

Your inquiry and other ongoing communication will seamlessly reach our project managers, who will be by your side throughout the execution of our turnkey translation, i.e. from the acceptance of texts and preparation of a non-binding offer to the delivery of translation and further communication via all available channels (via telephone, e-mail, etc.).


Team of translators and editors

Translators and editors have always been able to work from any location. Though it is true that our team likes to return to the lively environment of Leemeta’s offices every day, they can also seamlessly use translation tools and all other technology from their homes in these difficult times. Thus, your translation will be made as quickly and of as high quality as you have always been used to with Leemeta. As communication between Leemeta and the clients during this period is fluent, we also have innumerable channels for smooth communication among us, the Leemeta team.


Graphic design

What does a graphic designer need for smooth work? Computer with all available software and a sharp eye. Of course, our graphic designers have both at home, too, so that your turnkey translation will be delivered to you in exactly the same form you sent it in.


IT team

If an IT expert did not know how to adapt their work to the home environment, it would make more sense to use them to prepare coffee. Our information technology department is armed with all the technology it needs for smooth work, and with its indispensable knowledge, cracking even the hardest technological nut given by you, our clients.

Our IT department also has another very important role for you, ensuring the safety of you, clients, and your data. While working from home, we provide the same uncompromising data security since all the software is operating in a protected own server environment, which means that the work of all our employees takes place while ensuring consistent data security. So every concern of attack, apart from the coronavirus, is completely ungrounded.


So, if with the increasing number of companies providing you products and services being closed you are afraid that you will be left without an urgent or less urgent translation, you can rest assured. Leemeta is prepared for the harshest emergency situations, and the work of everyone happily supporting you takes place smoothly from remote locations, ensuring you rapid solutions just as you have always been used to. For us, these working days are just like any other when we run in front of our computers in the morning and focus on ensuring you, our clients, a superior comprehensive service under the Turnkey Translations brand. Only this time, everyone makes their coffee at home.


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20 May 2020
In the focus
The world nearly has almost come to a standstill in the current situation: the borders are closed, planes are grounded, streets an...